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NB Information Slides from HSTA Institute Day

The slides from HSTA Institute Day’s National Board Information Session can be downloaded here! Thank you all for your interest!

Interested in NEA Jump Start? #NBCTready?

Why attend a Jump Start seminar? The first step toward successful National Board Certification is understanding the requirements and planning how to integrate them into your upcoming school year. Jump Start seminars are designed to help candidates understand and be successful by providing important information about the certification process, time to examine the component requirements, the opportunity to plan how to meet requirements, and time to draft and receive feedback on ideas for components-all in a supportive, constructive, and collegial environment.

For everyone’s safety, this summer’s NEA Jump Start will be virtual and spread out over two weeks. It is tentatively planned for the 3rd and 4th week of June. More details soon!

Pre-Registration is now open at  bit.ly/2021VirtualJumpStart.

Together we are #NBCTstrong!

National Board Information Sessions at HSTA Institute Days!

Next week is Institute Week! If you want to know more about National Board Certification be sure to attend the session on your island!

Are you NBCT Ready?  National Board Certified Teacher Information Session 

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Certification is the highest professional distinction available in education. It benefits students, teachers, and school systems by advancing the quality of teaching and learning. Attend one of our information sessions to learn more about the revised, teacher-friendly process incorporating the latest research in best practices in teaching! Find out about the resources, support and financial incentives offered in Hawaii. 

Monday, 2/8 Oahu, HSTA NBCT Ambassador and HSTA State Lead, Lisa Espiritu with Tracey Idica, NBCT

Tuesday, 2/9 Molokai, HSTA NBCT Ambassador and Regional Lead, Diane Mokuau, NBCT with Tracey Idica, NBCT

Wed, 2/10 Maui, HSTA NBCT Ambassador, Naomi McCall, NBCT with Tracey Idica, NBCT

Thursday, 2/11 Hawaii Island, HSTA NBCT Ambassador and Regional Lead, Malia Perry with Tracey Idica, NBCT

Friday, 2/12 Kauai, HSTA NBCT Ambassador Mike Kline, NBCT with Tracey Idica, NBCT

Update! Flexibility 2020-2021Candidates!

National Board has made adjustments to provide more time for candidates to finalize decisions and submit their National Board work; additional supports developed to address COVID pandemic-related impacts and an option to defer to next school year if needed. 


Certificate Extension


Updated Guides

The following documents have been updated with this information and will be on the National Board website on 2/1/21:

  • Guide to National Board Certification
  • Guide to Maintenance of Certification
  • Renewal Guide
  • Third-Party Payer Guide

NB Component Specific Webinars

The Deep Dive Webinar Series will focus on each of the National Board’s four components. 

Register for any of these component-specific webinars. This page will also house session descriptions, recordings and follow-up resources.

Component 1 Strand

  • Component 1: Selected Response Exercises (Feb 16)
  • Component 1: Constructed Responses (Feb 23)

Component 2 Strand

  • Component 2 Overview (recording available now)
  • Planning for Component 2: Unpacking rubrics, exploring differentiation, and tips for planning (Feb 6)
  • Planning for Component 2: Instructional Context and Writing Tips (Feb 10)

Component 3 Strand

  • Component 3 Overview  (recording available now)
  • Planning for Component 3 for in person learning (Jan 26)
  • Planning for Component 3 for virtual learning (Jan 27) (Feb 6)
  • Analyzing your videos and writing for Component 3

Component 4 Strand

  • Component 4 Overview (recording available now)
  • Planning for Component 4: Assessments and Professional Learning Needs (Feb 11)
  • Planning for Component 4: Unpacking the rubric and writing tips (Feb 24)

Newly Certified Hawaii NBCTs!

Aloha and Happy Holidays! If you achieved certification in December 2020, be sure to check your DOE email (the one ending in k12.hi.us) for information regarding the reimbursement process. #808nbcts #NBCTstrong

Hawaii DOE Reimbursements!

NEWLY CERTIFIED NBCTs: The DOE will send an email with instructions, guidelines, sample documents, and the form required for the $1900.00 reimbursement to all eligible newly certified DOE teachers by mid to late next week. Please ensure your mailing address is current and up-to-date in the DOE system; an outdated address causes delays in the reimbursement process.  Contact your school’s SASA for the change of address form if a change is needed. Check your DOE email regularly for updates.

PCS teachers should inquire directly with their school administration for the reimbursement policy and procedures.

ADVANCED CANDIDATES: The $1500.00 reimbursement for those who completed all 4 components but did not certify will be processed soon. If you requested that NBPTS not share information with third parties, you may wish to update your NBPTS account and allow third party data sharing. Our network will share the names of candidates who may be eligible for reimbursement with the DOE who will then share the instructions and forms for reimbursement. If your name is not included, you will need to contact the DOE directly for information after the holidays.

Congratulations December 2020 Hawaii NBCTs!

We are excited and proud to announce Hawaii’s Newest NBCTs! (This December announcement will be followed by a February 2021 announcement for those with the COVID-19 extended deadline.)

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