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Collective Board Members

The Hawai’i Teacher Standards Board is pleased to announce and introduce our Collective Board members.

Jonathan Gillentine, PhD, NBCT – Hawai`i Teacher Standards Board RepresentativeRetired
Jonathan achieved National Board Certification in 2003 and renewed in 2012. He served as a teacher at Kailua High School, Rev. Benjamin Parker School, Windward District Office, and the Executive Office of Early Learning. He also served on the Hawai`i Teacher Standards Board from 2004 to 2010 and rejoined the board last year. Jonathan believes in the motto “#NBCTStrong” since being an NBCT provided him so many leadership opportunities that strengthened his work in teaching and learning.

Michael Ida, PhD, NBCT – O’ahu RepresentativeKalani High School2022 Hawaii State Teacher of the Year!
Michael first achieved National Board Certification in 2004 and renewed in 2014.  He has taught at Kalani High school for 26 years where he teaches mathematics and computer science, serves as the mathematics department head, and advises several extracurricular activities.  Michael is a member of the 2020 – 2022 cohort of the Hawai’i State Teacher Fellows and serves on the board of the Hawai’i Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the O’ahu Mathematics League.  For Michael, the value in National Board Certification comes not only from the process itself, but the opportunities it provides to continually reflect deeply and critically about his professional practice while networking and providing outreach and service to the community of educators beyond his classroom and school–activities that he hopes to take to the next level by serving as a Collective Board member.

Tracey Idica, NBCT – Hawai’i NBCTs State CoordinatorHawai’i Teacher Standards Board
Tracey is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) with over three decades of classroom experience as a high school English teacher. As a Licensing Specialist at HTSB, she is grateful for the opportunity to impact the teaching profession and serve Hawai’i’s teachers. She has been involved in many National Board initiatives since achieving certification. Tracey is honored to be the first recipient of HSTAʻs S.T.A.C.Y.Award for Teaching Excellence (2015) and represented Hawai’i at the NEA Foundation Awards for Teaching Excellence (2016). She was Hawai’i’s Central District Teacher of the Year in 2017. Tracey is proud to be a teacher and believes in the power and responsibility of educators to lead. Tracey still has a coffee cup given to her by a student over three decades ago that has a simple message: “Those who can, teach. Those who can’t, go into some less significant line of work.” Her goal is for our network and collective to continue the work that recognizes teaching as a true profession with accomplished teachers in every classroom.

Denise Karratti, NBCT – Kaua’i RepresentativeWaimea High School
Denise achieved National Board Certification in 2018. She has taught at the elementary and middle school levels, and also served as an academic coach. National Board Certification has advanced her professional growth via teacher leadership opportunities and contribution in communities such as Hawai’i State Teacher Fellows, Teacher Leader Academy, and the National Board Collective. Currently, Denise is in the Hawai’i Certification Institute for School Leaders program. As a Vice Principal, she will be launching a Waimea High School cohort in hopes of increasing the number of Kaua’i teachers pursuing certification.

Maegan MacGregor, NBCT – West Hawai’i Island RepresentativeWaikoloa Elementary and Middle School
Maegan attained National Board Certification in English as a New Language for Early to Middle Childhood in 2012. She is certified as an elementary school teacher, with Masters in Curriculum and Instruction for English as a Second Language, as well Educational Leadership. Maegan completed the CISL program and worked as a Vice Principal and advocated for EL students. She has returned to the classroom where she feels she can make a bigger impact on student learning. Maegan has also held several leadership positions within her HSTA Chapter in the past. To encourage other teachers to pursue National Board Certification Maegan often supports new candidates in her school and encourages others to push themselves to reflect on their teaching and become stronger educators.

Erin Medeiros, NBCTHawaii Public Charter Schools RepresentativeKanuikapono Public Charter School
Erin first achieved National Board certification in 2017 and maintained her certification in 2021. She is the secondary leader and teaches English language arts, social studies, and senior project to high school students at Kanuikapono, a K–12 Hawaiian-focused public charter school in Anahola on the island of Kauaʻi. She previously spent 12 years teaching at Kauaʻi High School. She served as a Merwin Creative Teaching Fellow in 2018-19 and a Hawaiʻi State Teacher Fellow in 2016-18. Erin loves learning, living, hiking, and exploring on Kauaʻi with her husband and two daughters. She believes National Board certification not only helps teachers reflect on and improve their practice, but also deepens the connection to their students and community.

Kaulana Molina, MS, NBCT – Hawai’i Independent Schools RepresentativePunahou School
Kaulana achieved National Board certification in 2014. Prior to teaching at Punahou School, Kaulana taught at Kamehameha Schools Maui for 15 years. Outside of teaching, Kaulana has served as a Health Education Council member for SHAPE America, HAHPERD Board of Director, and currently serving as a task force member updating the National Health Education Standards. As an NBCT, Kaulana attributes part of her success to the skills, strategies, and tools gained that helps her address the changing needs of education. Kaulana looks forward to working alongside The Collective to provide support for interested and current candidates within our Hawai’i Independent Schools.

Kristi Oda, NBCT – Hawai’i Department of Education RepresentativeLeadership Institute
Kristi has maintained her National Board certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist since 2003. She served as a National Board facilitator, presenter, mentor, policy summit organizer, advocate and network leader while educating fourth graders for over two decades. She now works with the Office of Talent Management to breakdown barriers, network, and coach innovative teacher leaders such as Hawai’i State Teacher Fellows and Innovation Grantees as they commit to designing edu-projects. She also continues to support Hawai’i Educators Write, Twitter #808Educate community and Educator’s Edge podcasts which feature Hawai’i National Board guest hosts.  She believes that becoming a National Board Certified Teacher hones reflection skills and grows confidence to competently pursue challenging opportunities that benefit students and strengthen schools. The Collective is here to connect and collaborate in ways that spread the joy of teaching and learning in our professional communities.

Malia Perry, NBCT – East Hawai’i Island RepresentativeWaiakea Elementary School
Malia achieved National Board Certification in Literacy for Early to Middle Childhood in 2013 and became the first licensed Literacy Specialist in the State of Hawai’i.  She also carries a license in Special Education and as a Teacher Leader. She works as a second grade teacher on Hawai’i Island where she shares her passion for teaching and learning.  Malia has served the profession as an Executive Board member and Convention Delegate for HSTA’s Hilo Chapter.  To encourage other teachers to pursue National Board certification, she facilitates informational sessions and candidate support for current Hawai’i candidates. For Malia, the process of being an NBCT is the single most powerful professional development experience in her 22 year career.

Laura Peterson, EdS, NBCT – Molokai and Lana’i RepresentativeMolokai High School
Laura achieved board certification in 2011 and was renewed in 2021. She is currently the Student Services Coordinator at Molokai High School and her passion is finding ways to improve student academic and behavioral success.  She believes that National Board certification opens doors for continuous improvement as an educator in order to achieve that outcome. After achieving her initial certification, she received a full scholarship to get a MA degree in Teacher Leadership and continued on to get an EdS degree in Accountability, Evaluation, and Assessment. She believes strongly that all educators should take the leap into becoming certified, and through strengthening the profession, students will benefit.

Traci Rosario, MEd, NBCT –  Maui RepresentativeMaui High School
Traci attained National Board Certification in English Language Arts for Adolescent Young Adults in 2008. She renewed/maintained her certification in 2018. She has been teaching at Maui High School for 22 years. Traci started teaching a variety of subjects from ‘Olelo Hawai’i all the way to Marine Science. She is licensed in English and is currently teaching AP English Literature and British Literature. Traci received her Master’s degree in Foundations of Education from the University of Manoa in the mid-2000s. While Traci is 100% back in the classroom, shortly after she certified, she was asked to be the Academy Coordinator for her school. She is currently her school’s English Department Chair and also a Candidate Support Provider. The National Board helped Traci grow her confidence as a teacher leader and also grow a much more reflective practice.

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