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The Value of National Board Certification

Impact Brief
The Proven Impact of National Board Certified Teachers on Student Achievement

Why Certify?
Improve your practice, open doors, and increase your paycheck

Teacher Career Continuum
Teacher Continuum – Building a Coherent Path to Accomplished Practice

The What Book
What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do: The foundation of National Board Certification.

National Board Webinars
The National Board is a professional resource for all teachers. They offer webinars on many topics of interest to educators. Free Registration!

National Board Overview and Quick Start Guide
The key things you need to know!

Important Websites

Hawaii Teacher Standards Board
If you are an NBCT, you are eligible for an Advanced License if you hold a Standard License and have been teaching for 5 of the last 8 years!

National Board for Professional Teacher Standards Website
Everything you need for National Board Certification can be found here.

Hawaii State Teachers Association 
Your member benefits with HSTA include NEA Jump Start and Candidate Support!

For Candidates

National Board Homeroom
A hub of sequenced resources designed to help you navigate your Board certification journey, whether you are just starting or have already completed components. You will see suggested timelines that will help you manage your time throughout your process.

Certificate Areas
Find your certificate area

Thinking about National Board Certification?
Start here for information on beginning your National Board Journey!
Updated 8/14/23

Certification Roadmap at a Glance
A graphic of the National Board process timeline

NEA Jump Start and HSTA Candidate Support Cohorts
Read your Member Matters and reach out to HSTA for more information about the support available to you as an HSTA member.

Candidate Resources
Lots of resources from NBPTS: Choosing the Right Certificate, General Portfolio Directions, Certificate Specific Directions, and more
Candidate FAQs
Find answers to your questions about the process here

Scholarships and Assistance
INPEACE Ka Lama Education Academy provides support to teachers on Oahu’s Leeward Coast


National Board Incentive
We are fortunate that our base incentive program and reimbursement are part of state law!

HSTA Information for National Board Certification HSTA has information regarding additional incentives for Hard-to-Staff and CSI/TSI designated Schools.

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Resources
(Replaces the Renewal Process)

As of September 2020, MOC is the Board-certified teacher’s pathway for keeping their certification active. The Renewal process has been replaced by MOC.

MOC Calendar
Find the row with the year your National Board Certificate expires; that row contains dates that apply to your Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

MOC Overview
Here you will find the MOC Guide, Instructions and Forms. Links on this page will take you to everything you need from an overview of the components to the MOC evaluation rubric.

Roadmap for Developing and Submitting Your MOC
This link has a visual overview of the steps involved in the MOC process.

NBPTS Webinars
This link provides a link to National Board Webinars on MOC. It also includes slide decks and note catchers

Free Canvas Course: Preparing for National Board MOC
The National Board MOC Canvas course is now available for MOC candidates.
You can self-enroll at any time to find support for your MOC journey!

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