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Hawaii NBCTs News

Hawaii National Board Collective!

Did you get your email from National Board about this opportunity for Hawaii NBCTs? Apply now to represent your island and impact education in Hawaii. Deadline to apply is November 12, 2021.

We know that NBCTs can do more together than we can alone.  We are excited that this Hawaii National Board Collective will bring together Hawaii NBCTs representing all islands, HSTA and Hawaii independent schools.   

The Hawaii NB Collective aims to be a supportive environment that shares strategies to impact school communities throughout our islands.  With instructional leadership at our core, board members will meet quarterly to advance student learning and grow as empowered professionals.  Virtual meetings will be held until it is safe to travel; however, we look forward to future in-person convenings.

Our NB Collective board members will expand their professional impact and personal skills through board initiatives. There will be opportunities to connect with local leaders to increase the number of National Board certified teachers, offer information and inspiration to Hawaii educators, and contribute to professional development projects. While we know NBCTs arenʻt just motivated monetarily, stipends/honorariums will support the efforts of our board members. 

Hawaii is NBCT strong, and we are ready to develop an even stronger community of accomplished teachers. We look forward to building the Hawaii NB Collective with accomplished teachers from across the state!  Applications to serve as a board member can be found here: bit.ly/808nbctBoard.  Please share this with any NBCTs who may be interested.

Hawaii NBCTs News

National Board Pre-Candidacy Course

Join the waitlist on PDE3 and register at http://bit.ly/NBpcLeeward today! Limited Space available!

Are you #NBCTready to be #NBCTstrong? Join us!
Hawaii NBCTs News

Sparking Our Passion: Transforming Teaching in a Pandemic

Register at HawaiiEducationAssociation.org

Calling all current and aspiring educators—find fellowship and inspiration in this first-ever virtual talk story forum presented by the Hawaii Education Association! The pandemic has disrupted our classrooms but also created opportunities for new ideas and innovation. Learn from our guest speakers and connect with fellow educators from all across the state on how they are navigating and adjusting to the new teaching environment.

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