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Hawaii NBCTs Mentor Interest Survey

Are you a Hawaii NBCT currently working in a Hawaii School?  Teacher Education programs in Hawaii have asked about YOU!  Hawaiiʻs State Approved Teacher Education Programs (SATEPs) want to connect their candidates with Hawaii NBCTs for observation and student teacher placements. They recognize the expertise that NBCTs bring to the classroom.

Hawaiiʻs future teachers deserve mentors who are committed to their students, content knowledge experts, members of learning communities, responsible managers of student learning and reflective practitioners who strive to improve practice.  With the honor and kuleana to grow emerging professionals, we invite all Hawaii NBCTs to consider this opportunity to inspire and be inspired by Hawaiiʻs future teachers.

All verified responses will be sent a surprise Hawaii NBCTs network logo item as a thank you.

Scan the QR code or go to https://bit.ly/3tsWQsO to complete the quick survey!

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